Thursday, September 1, 2011

Who am I ?

Hello Everyone,

In spring 2011, I enrolled at the University of North Texas and started my PhD program in Information Science. In 2016, I completed my study and earned my Ph.D. degree. In 2009, I earned my master degree in Information and Communication Science from Ball State University (Indiana). My experience has developed since 2001 in both professional and educational fields. I worked as a Network Administrator at the Saudi & U.S. Geological Survey for more than two years. Also, I gained eight years of experience as a computer lecturer at Royal Industrial College (Saudi Arabia), and two year as a Network Specialist at the Royal Cooperative Learning Center.  My favorite books and research topics are:

·         Human Computer Interaction,

·         Human Information Seeking Behavior,

·         Collaborative Information Seeking Behavior,

·         Information Security and Privacy 

·     Cyber Aggression

·     And Graphical User Interface Design.
Currently, I work as an assistant professor at Royal Commission. I hope in future that I can do research to study people behavior while using computers, seeking information, and sharing knowledge. Also, study cyber aggression and how we can make the cyber sphere a safe place.

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